Work Package 1

WP1 “Eco-Dike-Hydro-/Morphodynamics” encloses three sub-tasks which interact with and depend on the results of the other five sub-projects.

  1. The first sub-task is the compilation of an inventory and database of relevant storm surge parameters (i.e. water levels, currents, waves, morphodynamics) to describe the main physical coastal processes and their interaction. A correlation analysis of the compiled parameters allows a first insight into the dominating dependencies. Based on these results, a multivariate statistical assessment will be conducted to determine design relevant combinations of storm surge parameters. Three pilot sites (one location at each coast of Northern Friesland, Eastern Friesland and at the German Baltic coast) are in the focus of the first sub-task.
  2. The investigation of possible changes in the feedback of the hydrodynamic loads (especially storm surges, wind waves, and currents) to green coastal defenses including climate change related effects form the second sub-task within SP1. Hydrodynamic loads will be extracted from three-dimensional hydrodynamic numerical model simulations which are driven by storm surge parameter combinations, determined in the previous sub-task.
  3. Finally sub-task three is the investigation of interactions between hydro- and morphodynamic processes especially in the near-field of developed green structures. Therefore a morphodynamic numerical model will be set up to conduct A-B-comparisons. The morphodynamic response of developed green coastal defense structures will be compared with the response of conventional structures. Furthermore the model will be used to test the effect of design improvements.

Last updated on 01.08.2017