“Green” Wave Damping
Work Package 3


The main objectives of sub-project 3 (SP3) are to develop and test innovative, nature-based and cost effective solutions to enhance the safety of dikes against breaching. The prospective solution will contribute in developing design guidelines for green sea dikes and revetments.


To achieve the objectives proposed for the sub-project 3 “ECO-DIKE-Structure”, it is subdivided in four work packages (WPs) as follows:

WP3-1: Review/analysis of current knowledge and concepts: The available concepts to enhance the safety of dikes against breaching and the different types of sea dikes and revetments as well as further solutions for safety enhancement will be systematically reviewed and analysed with a focus on nature-based and multifunctional solutions (LWI & IWW).

WP3-2: Ecological/toxicological impact assessment: The tentatively selected dike materials in WP3-1 will be re-examined with respect to their ecotoxicological potential in the marine environment. These investigations will cover the potential mobilization (under consideration of different weathering and flow processes), bioavailability and effects from substances of these materials on aquatic/marine organisms. (IUF & IWW).

WP3-3: Development and laboratory testing new green sea dikes and revetment concepts: New concepts for green sea dikes/revetment will be developed. The most promising and selected concepts will be tested in small scale-model experiments to assess their hydraulic performance and structural integrity under wave and current attack (LWI & IWW).

WP3-4: Design guidelines for green sea dikes/revetments: New design guidelines for green sea dikes and revetments will be developed including, among others, wave loads, wave run-up, wave overtopping and surge overflow as well as formulae for the stability against wave loads (LWI & IWW).

Direct interactions between SP3’s work packages and other sub-projects

Last updated on 01.08.2017