Institute of River and Coastal Engineering
Hamburg University of Technology

The Institute of River and Coastal Engineering of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH-WB) has developed a research expertise in hydraulic engineering for coastal and inland water bodies and is active in several national and international research projects, e.g. PEARL, KLIMZUG-Nord, XtremRisK, CORFU, SMARTeST, SAWA or MARE. With the appointment of Prof. Fröhle to the Chair of Hydraulic Engineering of TUHH, additional expertise with a strong focus on coastal engineering has been added. Prof. Fröhle has experience in a wide number of research projects related to wave modelling, wave analysis and wave measurements, e.g. HoRisK, RAdOst, MUSTOK/SEBOK and also the German North Sea, e.g. Numerical Wave Simulation for the East-Frisian Wadden Sea Area, Optimization of Coastal Protection at the Island of Sylt. TUHH WB is developing and operating numerical systems (e.g. KALYPSO) for integrated hydrological and hydrodynamic numerical simulation and has wide experiences with numerical simulations of waves and hydrodynamic conditions, e.g. determination of design wave conditions for flood protection dikes at the Schleswig-Holstein part of the Baltic Sea and numerical simulations of waves for the Lower Saxony part of the German Wadden Sea area (see e.g. results of the MUSTOK – Project (Schlamkow, C. & Fröhle, P. 2009) or results of the RAdOst – Project (Dreier, N., Schlamkow, C., Fröhle, P. & Salecker, D. 2013). In addition, TUHH WB has wide experiences in field data acquisition and is operating a measuring boat with side scan sonar and current profiler, etc. as well as directional Waverider buoys from Datawell (e.g. Project: comparative measurements of local wave conditions at Borkum using different types of wave gauges, Ruetten et al., 2013). At present small size wave buoys for shallow water conditions and wadden sea areas are under development at TUHH WB which are in test phase at the moment.


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