Research Institute for Water and Environment
University of Siegen

fwu1.jpg The Research Institute for Water and Environment (fwu) was founded in 1994 within the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Siegen. The institute consists of three divisions: “Sewage and Waste Technologies”, “Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering” and “Water Resources Management and Climate Impact Research”. The main objective of the Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering division, led by Professor Jensen, is to combine and develop the expertise of various research fields like hydraulic engineering, coastal engineering, flood protection concepts, statistical analyses, and hydropower.

fwu2.jpg A comprehensive view on these fields enables the scientists to use existing resources effectively for an interdisciplinary research on water and environmental related topics. Furthermore, the Research Institute for Water and Environment works closely with numerous national and international partners from science and practice. In the field of climate impact research various projects concerning “water level development on the German North Sea and Baltic coasts” and on “flood protection measures” in the inland as well as in the coastal area are dealt with. The research of the division of Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering is aimed upon the history of hydrological and hydraulic engineering systems analysis as well as river basin and coastal zone management, applying techniques of traditional hydraulic engineering and river development along with numerical and physical modeling techniques of hydraulics and hydrology.

Last updated on 01.08.2017